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ASK Piearcey Ltd Design Odour Control Biofilters for Spain

ASK Piearcey Ltd have designed a number of odour control systems for projects in Spain. We have partnered with JSF Hidraulica (leading manufacturers of Aluminium Covers for odour control) to provide Sewage odour control systems into

the Spanish Market

Sewage odour control 3 biofilter

The above shows the smaller of 2 bio-filters constructed from lined aluminium.

Sewage odour control biofilter

The Bi0-filter uses a porous pumice stone media for the biomass support. The media is seeded with specific bacteria to promote a biomass tailored to the contaminants found in this type of application. The installation is on the back of very successful pilot trials conducted in southern Spain by JSF, with our guidance.

The project was turnkey and ASK Piearcey Ltd also provided pressure loss calculations for fan sizing.

Odour extraction ducting

The odour containment system had general and point extraction. The smaller system was rated at 3600 m3/hr whereas the larger system was rated at 13,000 m3/hr

Rendering Odour Control

A.S.K. Piearcey Ltd were engaged by PDM (John Knights) to look at a means of improving the existing odour control at their Silvertown Facility in London.

The project was carried out in 2 stages:

Stage 1 a site visit to inspect the current system and gather the relevant design information. Which included a proposed additional test regime carried out by PDM.

Stage 2 a conceptual process design to provide a system capable of handling around 8000 m3/hr of concentrated odours which worked with the existing boiler incineration route to provide constant, seamless and reliable odour control.

The design is currently being procured for another PDM site in Nuneaton, for a larger air flow.

Our design was adapted and constructed in a very short period of time to provide an odour control safeguard in time for the London Olympics. The system was a great success, dramatically reducing the number of odour complaints, even with the additional footfall during the summer months. The design is an acid scrubber followed by a carbon adsorber (with specially impregnated, activated carbon).

The original design also included a venturi pre-scrubber for fat removal but this was not deemed necessary for the adapted design.


The design is currently being procured for another PDM site in Nuneaton, for a larger air flow.

Sewage Odour Control Pilot Trials in Spain

A.S.K. Piearcey (ASKPL) have assisted Cover manufacturing specialists JSF Hidraulica (JSF) of Madrid in developing their odour control portfolio in Spain.

After some preliminary design work by ASKPL, JSF have built and tested a pilot system (below) consisting of a bio-filter and a Carbon polisher.

JSF have tried a number of different media in the vessels to find an optimum for sewage odour control.


JSF are leaders in the aluminium structures, solid tank covers (below) and floating
tank covers market place. Odour control was a natural progression from their
various tank covering projects and they had received a number of enquiries to
provide odour abatement with their covers. They decided that a pilot trial was
an effective and economic means of developing track
record and confidence in the approach suggested by ourselves.


After extensive pilot trials involving various media they have developed a system
(with design assistance from ASKPL), which
can be used to handle the majority of the sewage odour control applications that
they come across. The bio-filter was entirely constructed from
aluminium and lined with a chemical resistant liner.


Measurements of air flow, H2S  inlet and outlet as well as temperature and irrigation were made and data-logged where practical.

The pilot trial, in Fuengirola  (south coast of Spain) was so successful that the plant manager is seeking to replace the existing scrubbers with the bio-filter approach.

JSF have since secured 2 large orders involving bio-filters and carbon adsorbers with design assistance from ASKPL.

H2S detector 1