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Odour Control Systems – One of UK’s Largest Sewage OCUs

A.S.K. Piearcey Ltd were engaged by their exclusive waste-water treatment partners Plasticon UK, to carry out the process design and flow balancing of  a flag ship odour control plant situated on the South Coast.

The system handles up to 250,000 m3/hr of odorous air from the main plant and there 2 further satellite systems handling approximately 3000 m3/hr each.

ASKP Ltd provided the process design based on a concept from the main process consultant. The system comprised venturi scrubbing for dryer off-gas solids removal and acid scrubbing for ammonia removal. This was followed by caustic-hypochlorite scrubbing and final carbon adsorber polishing.

Venturi Separator Sump

Venturi Separator Sump


The venturi system handled up to 19100 m3/hr of dryer off-gas but had 2 modes of operation with automatically varied flow control set point and alarm level adjustment. The venturi throat could be varied by means of an adjustable throat plunger and worked on a constant overflow of final effluent from the separator vessel (above).

Acid Scrubber

Acid Scrubber

The Acid scrubbers handle around 47,000 m3/hr of the high odour (from direct coupled extracts) and are there primarily to remove ammonia and some of the amine present.

Hypo-Caustic Scrubbers

Hypo-Caustic Scrubbers

The Hypo-Caustic Scrubbers handle the entire air flow at 250,000 m3/hr and can temporarily handle this with just 2 of the 3 duty scrubbers in operation


Carbon loading unit

Carbon loading unit

The 3 carbon units held around 125 tonnes of copper oxide impregnated carbon to fine tune the odour control performance of the system. Each had to be loaded with a specially built carbon loading system (above).

The air was conveyed from the various field extract points via a vast network of ducting.

Field Process  Odour Extract

Field Process Odour Extract

3m diameter Combined Exhaust to Stack

3m diameter Combined Exhaust to Stack


The ducting was fabricated up to 3m internal diameter to meet the agreed velocity consents.

Carbon adsorber units, also containing copper oxide impregnated carbon were used for odour control in satellite pumping stations.

The system below shows a system with duty standby extract fans and local control panel.

Odour Control Unit at Satellite Pumping Station

Odour Control Unit at Satellite Pumping Station

The Entire project value was circa £6.5 million. ASKP also assisted with HAZOP, HAZChem and commissioning. We provided Detailed Design, Operational instructions, Control Philosophy, commissioning schedule and training for the entire odour control system.

Fan Pressure Testing by ASKP Ltd

Fan Pressure Testing by ASKP Ltd











ASK Piearcey Ltd Design Odour Control Biofilters for Spain

ASK Piearcey Ltd have designed a number of odour control systems for projects in Spain. We have partnered with JSF Hidraulica (leading manufacturers of Aluminium Covers for odour control) to provide Sewage odour control systems into

the Spanish Market

Sewage odour control 3 biofilter

The above shows the smaller of 2 bio-filters constructed from lined aluminium.

Sewage odour control biofilter

The Bi0-filter uses a porous pumice stone media for the biomass support. The media is seeded with specific bacteria to promote a biomass tailored to the contaminants found in this type of application. The installation is on the back of very successful pilot trials conducted in southern Spain by JSF, with our guidance.

The project was turnkey and ASK Piearcey Ltd also provided pressure loss calculations for fan sizing.

Odour extraction ducting

The odour containment system had general and point extraction. The smaller system was rated at 3600 m3/hr whereas the larger system was rated at 13,000 m3/hr

Join Forces with Plasticon UK
June 9, 2011, 7:56 pm
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Leading Equipment ManufactuerASK Piearcey Join Forces with Plasticon UK

ASK Piearcey Ltd have signed an Exclusivity deal with Plasticon UK Ltd covering odour control in the Sewage Treatment Sector.

The agreement means that ASKP Ltd and Plasticon can forge ahead with plans for development of their odour control strategies and are starting with some courses for process engineers in odour control techniques (watch out for news on this up and coming event).

The agreement is a formalisation of a successful working partnership which has developed over the last 3 years.

Catalytic Oxidiser
May 26, 2011, 12:25 pm
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Catalytic Oxidiser Project Fully Completed

ASK Piearcey  generated the specification documents, managed the tendering stage and then coordinated this project on behalf of a Major Off-Shore company. The Catalytic Oxidser removes IPA solvent emissions from a drying process.

Sewage Odour Control
May 26, 2011, 12:23 pm
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Sewage Odour Control Successfully completed

ASK Piearcey designed a 2 stage odour control system comprising a bio-scrubber followed by dual bedcarbon adsorbers.

The site had 2 off systems for treating off gas from Lamella separators. The systems were manufactured and installed by Plasticon UK Ltd,  ASKP Piearcey and Plasticon UK carried out the system commissioning. The system successfully removed odour from the streams and easily met the target outlet.

Municipal Waste Odour Control
May 26, 2011, 12:13 pm
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Municipal Waste Odour Control

ASK Piearcey designed, managed and commissioned this dual stage odour control. unit using copper oxide impregnated carbon protected by a pre-filter unit.

The system controls emissions from the blow-down of a brand new autoclave cooking process to handle municiple waste. The unit completely removed the strong “chemical” odours from the non-condensible exhaust.

Jet Venturi Removes Chlorine and Solids
May 26, 2011, 12:09 pm
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Removing Chlorine and Solids

ASK Piearcey designed, project engineered and commissioned a single stage jet venturi scrubber with carbon polisher.

The jet venturi unit was manufactured by Transvac Systems Ltd and the whole system was installed by EIS UK Ltd The system removes high concentrations (13,000ppm) of chlorine  from hot reactor exhausts as well as entrained solids.

The system uses a caustic dosing system to regulate liquor pH. The Jet venturi provides the neccessary motive force to overcome its own pressure drop and that of the down stream adsorber set.

Fume Abtement Success
May 26, 2011, 12:04 pm
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Fume Abtement Success

ASK Piearcey designed, managed and commissioned a laser cutter fume system to replace some old and expensive to run units.

A single carbon adosrber with 2 stage pre-filtration has reduced filter changes from daily to every 3 weeks and carbon changes from every 2 days to once annually (not changed as yet). Estimated cost savings >£10k per annum excluding the cost of down time.

The system treats approximately 800m3/hr of fume containing up to 25ppm HCl and VOC from the PVC sheet as it is laser cut.

Diamond Award
May 26, 2011, 11:15 am
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Diamond Award

ASK Piearcey have attained Diamond Status from their recent, indepedent customer satisfaction survey.

This is the top award in the BenchmarQ assessment and showed 100% of customer surveyed would recommend us to others.

 “The award is greatly valued as it represents a huge pat on the back from our customers for all the hard work we have put in over the last 2 years”. – Andrew Piearcey MD.

The company has set the bar to the highest level and is already reviewing its quality procedures under its newly attained ISO9001 banner to ensure that these standards are maintained.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our customers for their continued support over the last few years and hopefully for the future.